An Intellectual Journey

Photo of me enjoying the flowers

growing on the farm of a family friend

I was blessed to have been raised in rural New Hampshire, one of the northern towns of the lakes region to be exact. Surrounded by beautiful green mountains, lush healthy forests, and water so clean and clear that you could believe in mermaids. I played outside every chance I got: I personified my favorite apple tree that was big and old enough that I could easily climb her (Magi, after the character in the movie Ferngully), collected rocks from everywhere I went until my mom made me create a pile outside our front door because they couldn’t all come in the house, and made dolls out of plants and sticks that I found in the front yard. So it is no surprise that, after a short love affair with all things “space” in middle school, I excelled in my biology classes in high school and eventually decided to study environmental science in college.

When I started at NHTI in the Natural Sciences department, I quickly confir…

Environmentally Conscientious and Sustainable Gardening Practices for Public Spaces

Plastics: Issues and Alternatives The Past Present and Future of a Modern Material (Portfolio)

Bats in New England: White Nose Syndrome (Portfolio)

Bryophytes and their Roles in Freshwater Ecosystems (Portfolio)

Nonvascular and Seedless Vascular Plants (Portfolio)